Mandukya – This alone will do (part 3)

The eternal bliss residing deep beneath layers has been an elusive concept most of the time in my life. Partially due to the fact that I failed to cognise that layers are manifestation of the eternal bliss too, and also due to my rebellious mind refusing to quieten down in meditation. This Upanishad was told for the express purpose to help the seeker not to ignore life and its manifestations as an opposing and non conducive element but to accept it as part of eternal bliss itself.

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Shishupala Vadham- Someone is Counting

Unfathomable are the ways of mind. We are often times sympathetic to the person committing crime. Extensive philosophies have been written in support of the crimes ascribing it to various Gunas, stellar congregations in ones horoscope, to karma, vagaries of ones own mind and what not. We are also very sympathetic to those who vehemently fight the wrong doers for they are valiant problem solvers who keep the society running by keeping a check on wrong doers. Often times we see them failing but yet we are sympathetic for they have tried. World is also sympathetic to people who run away from the situation and stay aloof for we consider them as ascetics who live above this world of crimes. But have we ever understood the person who stands amidst crime is not fighting against it with valor, is not running away from it, is not part of the crime doers act, but merely smiles at it, deals with it with patience and fortitude. By narrating the story of Shishupala I am merely trying to understand the person standing there smiling. Does he have a plan? Maybe he has a better one. Who is he patient for?

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Divya Dampathyam

An old friend of mine asked me once, is your marriage Kanchipuram? or Madurai? For those who are not familiar with the tamil brahminical satire. Let me educate you on the question. He was asking me if I was dominating in my relationship with my spouse (Madurai Meenakshi) or that my spouse was dominating me (Kanchipuram Ekambareshwarar). It kindled the story teller in me to tell you the stories of the exemplary dampathyams as I know it. Continue reading

Mandukya: This alone will do (part2)

om-symbol-aum-sign-decorative-indian-ornament-mandala-isolated-white-background-vector-illustration-55191465-2“Om is the symbol that is all that is” declared the Guru to a seemingly large audience in a huge auditorium in Boone. “All that is past present and future was called by one word Om”. I looked around to see if everyone took in this abrupt declaration with as much absurdity as I did. I wandered into my own past when reminiscing this sentence wondering to what kind of student would this declaration not sound ridiculous? One who is already enlightened perhaps. I did not reach a guru’s feet in disappointment or frustration. I looked for him unable to bear the intensity of my own existence, looking for a deeper meaning and purpose of life. I went to him longing to take me out of the illusionary excitement born out of mundane mind. Here he was making this abrupt declaration.

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Navadha Bhakthi- Nine Actions of Devotion

The treatise on nine forms of devotion was given in two major epics; the Ramayana as Rama tells this to Sabari when she seeks knowledge from him for liberation and the Bhagavata where Prahalada recounts them to Hiranyakasipu. In a sequence of stories we will see how each form of bhakthi refines us

Bhakthi is the colloquial language of self. It is the pinnacle of love where duality ceases to exist. Scriptures list the following as nine actions(Navadha) of devotion(Bhakthi) Continue reading

Mandukya: This alone will do (part 1)

aum1An upanishad closest to my heart, known for its brevity contains within itself everything that one who desires liberation, needs for his journey. Very few have been able to isolate the characteristics of what one can experience when he delves within, this upanishad from Atharva veda is able to broach the subject with so much of confidence and clarity. The fact that it inspired the guru of Jagadguru himself to write a commentary on this measly twelve shlokas speaks volumes on its importance in a seeker’s life. This collection of pondering on the upanishad has a mish mash of my thoughts , some words of elaboration from both my masters and hence I apologise for lack of continuity if you experience any while reading this. Through series of blog lets attempt to unravel this upanishad in our minds with the help of notes on the this taken during lectures given by masters and the famous Gaudapada karika

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